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Our major objective is focused on the assistance to clients (among which the most important Italian industries in the food sector and the main food service operators) throughout the whole production chain. We personally deal with all the technical and logistic issues of the production chain, from the orders to suppliers to all the necessary checks during the  production and also up to the goods shipment and delivery.

This is possible through a thorough evaluation, selection and check of our suppliers, who have very modern factories equipped with in-house laboratories, last-generation machines for processing, producing, packaging and storing  in full compliance with all the European sanitary and health  regulations in force. Through this strategy we can assure a final product able to satisfy the various clients’ needs from the required organoleptic characteristics, to the food preservation and to the final packaging lay-out.

The priority given to food industry dedication did not prevent us from developing a large network of wholesalers and retailers. We can provide them with a large selection of products and commercial sizes both with our brand names, San Feliù and Los Miguelitos, and with the brands required by our clients.
Now, with our new logistic centre based in Genoa Bolzaneto, we grant, in total autonomy, the final checking of each and any delivery, also made with our own trucks, in order to satisfy any possible demand of our customers.