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Ma.Pr.I.Com. S.p.a started its activity in the heart of Genoa in 1976 with our founder, Mr. Mario Pastorino, formerly Italian distributor of some of the most well known Spanish food canneries. Since its beginning Ma.Pr.I.Com. has been dealing with import and trade of food produced particularly in Spain and providing the canning industries with primary food products.

For over thirty years Ma.Pr.I.Com., taking into account a thorough and constant analysis of the many changes occurred in the production chain, has been choosing the best suppliers on the market in order to be able to meet the clients’ requirements in the best possible way. In fact, the global market has been quickly changing and requires prompt solutions. Thanks to this top priority in our policy,  our company is continuously developing updated strategies to match the major operators in this field.

Learning from the passion demonstrated by our founder, our main mission is still unchanged: to support the food industries and food service dealers to our best. For this reason, still today, our company  is constantly evolving in order to satisfy the multiple needs of the market.